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Alcohol Delivery

SDS is licensed to deliver your favourite alcoholic beverages from the BC Liquor or Beer and Wine stores.

Simply call us and tell us what you would like picked up. We will purchase the items and deliver them to your doorstep within an hour.

  • We can deliver to your corporate event or office party
  • We can deliver impromptu re-stock or special orders for your restaurant

*Customers must be aged 19+ to accept alcohol delivery. Two pieces of ID required for this service.

Delivery fee - $10.00

  • Additional pick-up- $5.00 (example: Liquor Store + Safeway)
  • Out-of-area rates - $15.00+
  • *Extra charges apply for multiple cases of beer/wine and special orders. Please contact us for a quote.


Fast Food Delivery

Craving a Big MAC, or wanting a coffee from Starbucks? We’ve got the fix for whatever you’re craving! SDS can pick up your favourite fast food items and have them delivered within an hour.

Give us a call and we will place your order and purchase it for you at the nearest fast food location to you. Then we deliver your order with the receipt and our delivery charge added – you simply pay once!

Delivery fee - $10.00*

  • Additional pick-up - $5.00 (example: McDonald's + Starbucks)
  • Out-of-area rates - $15.00+

*The standard delivery fee applies to orders from restaurants within your own area. If the restaurant you want food from does not have a local outlet, out-of-area rates will apply.


Grocery Delivery

Have fresh groceries delivered right to your door! SDS will shop for what’s on your list. We will pick up items from your preferred grocers, including: Safeway, Superstore, Wal-mart, Whole Foods and more!

Call us to tell us what’s on your list and we will purchase the items and have them delivered within the hour

Delivery fee - $15.00(1 to 5 items)

  • 6 + items-add $0.75 each
  • Additional pick-up - $5.00 (example: Superstore + Safeway)
  • Out-of-area rates - $15.00+



Make someone’s day by sending a gift basket, flowers, alcohol, or anything else . SDS provides express gift delivery service for all occasions, including birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, graduations, thank you gifts, corporate gifts, and much more!

Simply call to tell us what gift items you would like to have delivered. We will collect the items and provide you with the cost of purchase.

We can also add gift wrapping and a card with a handwritten message - ideal for out-of-town customers wanting to send a special gift locally. Please contact us to provide details of your request and obtain a quote. info@simpledelivery.ca  Credit card payment available.

Delivery fee - $15.00

(+ Gift purchase price.)
  • Gift wrapping and/or handwritten card, extra


Restaurant Delivery

Looking to have restaurant food delivered, but they don’t offer delivery? Not to worry, SDS is here to help! We can pick up your food and have it delivered within an hour.

Call us first to arrange pick up and tell us the restaurant’s address and phone number and the name you will be ordering under. Then place your food order with the restaurant.We will pick up your order, pay the restaurant on your behalf and deliver it right to your door!

Delivery fee - $10.00*

  • Additional pick-up - $5.00 (example: Restaurant + Liquor Store)
  • Out-of-area rates - $15.00+

*The standard delivery fee applies to orders from restaurants within your own area. If your restaurant of choice is not nearby, out-of-area rates will apply


Prescription Drugs Delivery

Do you need your prescription drugs delivered? SDS will pick up your medication from the pharmacy of your choice. Including Shoppers Drug Mart, Safeway, Superstore, Pharmasave, or your local pharmacy.

Call us with the details of your order, including the pharmacy location and the total cost of the medication. We will pay for the items and deliver them to you quickly and safely.

Delivery Fee - $10.00

  • Additional pick-up - $5.00 (example: Pharmacy + Safeway)
  • Out-of-area rates - $15.00+


Dry Cleaning Delivery

We know that your time is valuable , so let SDS pick up your dry cleaning.

Call to tell us about your request, including the address for pickup, the name under which the clothing is being held, your claim ticket number and the total cost for the order. We will pay for the items on your behalf and deliver them to your door.

Delivery Fee - $10.00(one laundry bag)

  • Extra bags - $2.00 each
  • Additional pick-up - $5.00 (example: Dry Cleaners + Safeway)
  • Out-of-area rates - $15.00+


Seniors’ Services

If you have difficulty getting out of the house due to age or disability, getting your groceries or running errands can be stressful! Let SDS take care of all of your daily errands, including shopping for various items, sending mail, picking up prescriptions and whatever else you may need us to do.

We are here to help!

Delivery Fee - $10.00

  • Additional pick-up - $5.00 (example: Pharmacy + Superstore)
  • Out-of-area rates - $15.00+


Miscellaneous Delivery

SDS will pick up and deliver almost anything! We specialize in home deliveries, but our services are flexible to meet your needs. We can do small moves, pick up products from convenience stores and much more. It’s as simple as giving us a call.

We are here to help.

Delivery Fee - $10.00

  • Additional pick-up - $3.00 (example: Liquor Store + Safeway)
  • Out-of-area rates - $15.00+